Match Reports - 4th-15th October 2023

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Match Reports - 4th-15th October 2023 Match Reports - 4th-15th October 2023

Match Reports - 4th-15th October 2023

Wigan St Judes ARLFC – Match Reports
Wednesday, 4 October 202312's - GoldsThatto HeathHome44-0Wigan St Judes welcomed Thatto down to Parsons Meadow for a night under the lights for a midweek fixture.
Judes kicked off, Thatto knocking the ball forward on the second tackle, Judes opened the scoring within 2 minutes, Freddie Davies who fought his way to the line getting the ball down, conversion kicked.
An error again from Thatto benefited Judes, Tommy Shaw took control of the ball as he bounded down field to get his first try of the game, conversion kicked. Judes kicked off, the ball heading for touch, gave Thatto head and feed in the scrum, Thatto tried their luck, only to be denied by a strong defence from the Golds. The ball got into the hands of Henlea Baynham, who sprinted off down field putting the ball over the whitewash, conversion missed. Judes gave a penalty away with a high shot, but they retaliated and put pressure on the Thatto team, forcing an error. Judes used their skills and Will Cobley flew straight between the posts to add to the score. Conversion made. Judes got caught out with a forward pass, Thatto ball, the first pass out, Thomas Atherton and Archie Unsworth sent the Thatto player straight into touch, just on the stroke of half time.
Half time score: Judes 22 Thatto 0
Second half.
Thatto kick off and had their best defensive set keeping the Judes boys away from adding points on the board.
Judes stepped up again with some amazing efforts in both defence and attack. Back-to-back tries came from Alfie Webster and Ryley Flynn, who slipped through the line of the Thatto boys, conversions made. Again, Judes wouldn’t allow Thatto in as they should have had their first points on the board, but Judes held them up over their line. A great team effort got the ball out to Tommy Shaw who pushed himself over for his second try of the game, conversion kicked. More points added to the score board from Alfie Webster, as he raced to the line and slammed the ball down, conversion missed. Archie Unsworth and his try saving tackle prevented Thatto getting points, as he made a tackle of the season. Judes defence remained strong for the points tonight, a brilliant team effort turning it around from a loss last week.
Final score Judes 44 – Thatto 0.
Man of the Match: Will Cobley
Opposition Man of the Match: Declan Haskayne
Top Tackler: Ryley Flynn.
Conversions: Will Cobley 6/8
Sunday, 8 October 2023NewbeesWigan BulldogsAway-This game shows that it does not matter how big your team is but how well you play together. Bulldogs turned up with 6 players which meant they needed a player from Judes and William stepped up and really put his all in getting a hat trick and stopping some of our boys with brilliant tackling. Tries came from Tyler B x2, Jesse G x2, Noah N, Charlie D and Alfie L. A really tough opposition today who displayed brilliant offloading skill and showed real heart. Plenty for our boys to learn from this week but the improvements are there.
Friday, 6 October 202310's - GoldsAshton BearsHome-A weekend full of rugby started with a Friday evening encounter at Parsons Meadow between Judes and Ashton Bears. These games have always been tough encounters, with both teams being strong in defence.

Ashton started with the kick off and recovered the ball following a bounce out. A good set from the Bears followed and it resulted in a try for our visitors, despite our best efforts. The try was not converted.

Judes needed to respond fast and that they did, we moved the ball up the pitch with some nice play. This resulted in Sam making a move out to the left and putting in Jacob for a great team try. This try was converted.

Some great defence followed from Judes, forcing a turnover then a run and kick put through Harry to burst through the defence to score. Zaine converted the try to extend the advantage.

Another demonstration of great defence forced another turnover. The following set brought some more great work from Judes to put Zaine over for another try. Followed up by Leo to take us in to half time.

Judes started the half with the ball and the kick was recovered for a Judes scrum. There were a number of good sets from both teams with some determined defence on show.

Judes were pinned on their line and showed a lot of resolve to keep the Bears out. However, they were unlucky to concede a try after their efforts, which was converted.

With the ball going forward Judes continued to look dangerous, no more so that when Ronnie finished off a passing move, which was converted.

As the half drew to a close, more great defence from Judes won the ball back after an opposition player was forced in to touch. From the recovery we moved the ball up the pitch for Ronnie to produce another try for Judes, which was converted by Sam.

With the clock winding down, both teams went toe to toe completing sets to round off an entertaining encounter. Well done to both teams

Players of the match
Coaches – Joey
Opposition – Sam
Sunday, 8 October 202310's - GoldsHindleyAway-After the celebrations of Wigan making it to the Grand Final, Judes headed over to Hindley for our second match of the weekend.

We started with the kick off, which Hindley returned following a scrum. Judes then forced an error. After this there was a good period of sets for both teams forcing repeat turnovers.

Judes started to move the ball around and Zaine broke down the left to head over and open the scoring for the day, which he converted.

From the restart both teams handed possession over to each other with a period of errors. The play settled down after some good sets. Sam broke free from some pressure to put a good kick up, which Joey excellently caught and headed over for a try, which he converted.

Hindley were determined to get back in the game, some strong efforts in attack followed and they managed to head over the line after taking advantage of a gap from the left. The try was converted.

From the restart Judes got up the pitch, helped by a penalty, Zaine had a strong run followed by a scoot from Joey which took him over the line, which Sam converted. This took us in to half time.

From the restart, Judes returned the ball well and had a good kick. Hindley tried to make some distance but Judes forced an error. Following another penalty, Judes got up the field. Oliver got on the ball and kept going and going out to the left until he made it over the line. He converted his try.

Hindley were looking for an avenue back in to the game, they got this through a quick thinking run through for a solo try which was converted.

Straight from the return, Judes pressed forward with some brilliant runs. Getting us up to the last play where Sam put up a high kick that put the defence under pressure Joey followed the ball through to touch down for his hat trick, which was converted by Jay.

Judes needed to keep up their defence as Hindley pressed to get back in the game. Zaine coming in with a thunderous tackle forcing an attacker out of play and recover possession for Judes. The match clock ticked on and Hindley grabbed another try from a solo run as Judes tired, which was converted.

The match continued with some ferocious defensive efforts from both teams. As temperatures were raised, then cooled, the full time whistle went and another great game of rugby concluded.

Excellent effort from both teams.

Players of the match
Coaches – Harry D
Opposition - Jacob
Sunday, 8 October 20238'sHeyshamAway-A tough away day against a very big and physical Heysham side for the under 8s.
Judes started well with great hard and straight running from the in form Lenny Hancock.
In defence the lads stood firm for the best part of the game George Unsworth leading the line and Christian Drench showing first hand what an excellent tackling technique looks like.
The size just proved to much in the end and Heysham just edged a physical contest. A great learning curve for the Judes team who fought for everything right until the final whistle.
Sunday, 8 October 20238'sSt PatsAway32-52A short trip to St Pats for a big Judes squad on a surprisingly hot afternoon saw some great under 8s rugby.
Judes got off to a very fast start by Henry MB taking route 1 and charging straight through a tough Pats defence.
Pats came back very strong and it took some strong tackling to keep them at bay. Some stand out performances saw judes eventually begin to throw the ball around to set up some great team tries.
St Pats always came back with some great plays and didn't want to take no for an answer. But a heroic defensive display from all players but notably Finlay Horrigan saw Judes come out on top. A great effort by all kids involved and we look forward to many years of games to come
Sunday, 8 October 20237'sLeigh EastHome0-0Despite the bad weather over the last 2 weekends the U7's have managed to get out for 3 fixtures getting all of the boys as much game time as possible.

Last week the U7's played 2 very wet fixtures Home to IRB and Away to OSJ, with two fantastic results.

The OSJ game saw lots of superb tries and great effort in very difficult conditions. So much so that the coaches awarded all of the whole team with Player of the Match Award. Superb effort boys well done.

Try scorers in this match were Joey P, Bobby K, Noah H, George C and with his first and second tries for Wigan St Jude's Logan S, well done, your effort and persistence is really paying off, keep it going !!!

In the other game last weekend the U7's took on IRB with a seasons best performance. The defence was the best this season to date and the line speed really unsettled a very strong IRB team and some really nice attacking plays and offloads topping off a great day.

Try scorers in this game were Charlie P, Cooper W, Zac S, Archie B, Thomas S, Harry G, Jack H and Archie A. Well Done to all of the boys, with Player Awards going to Archie B, Charlie P and Thomas W.

The U7's followed up last weeks great games with another outstanding performance!! The defence in the last two weeks has been unbelievable, so much so that at the end of the 3rd quarter Jude's went off for drinks to a round of applause from both sets of fans!! What an effort by all of the boys and the coaches couldn't be prouder!!

Some great tries again this week by Archie B, Forrest R, Zac S, Thomas S, George C, Jack R, Harry G and Archie A, superb effort by all the boys with this weeks Player Awards going to Zac S, Harry G and Thomas S.

Brilliant performance by all of the boys in these last two weekends, well done and one more week of the season to go! Special recognition also for the boys who offered to miss these last 2 weeks, this has not gone unnoticed and shows what great team spirit this team has. UTJ!!
Sunday, 8 October 202313'sLatchford GiantsAway48-0St Jude's travelled to Latchford for this fixture. Jude's initially struggled to complete their sets, trying to play rugby in very greasy conditions, it's fair to say that the match ball had had a tough season also, with the grip compared to that of an ice cube.

Jude's quickly put this behind them and opened the scoring through a Harley Bentham try. The ball was passed out wide from a scrum and he hit the gap in the line to make it 0-4.

Jude's game plan was to let the ball do the work, passing out left to right led to a Fin Adair try in the corner, 0-8.

Playing with more fluidity now Ethan Spence broke the line and offloaded to Alfie English to score and convert, 0-14

Ellis Ramsdale was next on the scoresheet
and dived over in trademark fashion from a whole one metre out. Alfie English converted 0-20

A face ball from Dylan Donnelly playing at stand off today found out a racing Wiktor Pieda on the wing to score. Alfie English added the extras 0-26

Jayden Crutchley smashed through the defence to run the length of the field. Alfie English converted 0-32

Half time

Ellis Ramsdale did it again, barging over from a massive 2 metres this time. Alfie English converted 0-38

Isaac Wright with a devastating run allowed Jude's to finish their set with a try from Dylan Donnelly, Jude's now swinging the ball out and playing in style. Alfie English came close to adding the poppadom (extra) from the touch line 0-42.

Following a super consistent performance Alfie Hesketh got his long deserved first try of the season.Alfie English converted to make the score 0-48

Saturday, 14 October 2023NewbeesWigan St CuthbertsHome-Could not be prouder of how Judes played in this game, Cuthberts short on numbers meant a few had to play for the opposition and Charlie, Teddy and Noah N were exceptional for the opposition really showing their boys how to play. Every single player had a really strong game and showed with effort and by working as a team you can overcome any opposition as they had a really big strong runner constantly running at them and they dealt with him brilliantly. Nathan B got the coaches award for scoring some excellent tries and always being keen to help his team whenever they needed him. Tries were scored by Nathan B x4, Tyler B, Jesse G x2, Zack L, Rico A x2. A massive step up in performance by the Newbies so massive well done to all.
Sunday, 15 October 202312's - GoldsThatto HeathAway42-6A dry & fresh Sunday morning at Thatto began with 3 of our Judes lads, Ollie Caddick, Toby Hutchinson and Cameron Shepherd volunteering to switch to the opposition to make up their numbers for a 13 a-side game.

Thatto kicked off, ball received by Alfie Jennings charging Judes forward. A strong run from Alfie Webster hit the Thatto defence hard. Ryley Flynn passed the ball straight to the hands of Tommy Shaw who dodged and sprinted through the defence line to score right between the sticks.
Try Tommy Shaw. Conversion made, Will Cobley. Thatto 0 – Judes 6.
Thatto unable to receive the perfect kick from Will Cobley saw the ball back in Judes hands. Paddy Kelly passed to Spencer Parkinson, then on to Alfie Webster getting Judes close to the whitewash but Ollie Caddick for Thatto, forced the Judes lads to knock-on.
The Judes defence was too strong for the Thatto lads unable to push up the field. Archie Unsworth for Judes started the play with a power run into the Thatto defence, continued by Ryley Flynn charging forward. Fast passes from Will Cobley, to Henlea Baynham, to Archie Unsworth for a superb finish for Judes 2nd try of the game.
Try Archie Unsworth. Conversion made, Will Cobley. Thatto 0 – Judes 12.
Strong tackles from Alfie Jennings and Spencer Parkinson kept Thatto back in their half. Archie Unsworth received the kick sprinting the length of the field just shy of the try line, with Tommy Shaw completing the run with a perfect finish right between the sticks for Judes 3rd try.
Try Tommy Shaw. Conversion made, Will Cobley. Thatto 0 – Judes 18.
Judes were on fire with another outstanding set. Ball received by Declan Heskayne, passing to Ryley Flynn running the length of the pitch, with a quick offload to Henlea Baynham for another picture-perfect finish.
Try Henlea Baynham. Conversion made, Will Cobley. Thatto 0 – Judes 24.
Strong tackles from Judes forced the ball back into Judes hands. A charging run from Freddie Davies, continued by Alfie Webster and again by Thomas Atherton. The Wigan St Judes lads on top form dominated the field.
Half Time score Thatto 0-24 Judes.

Spencer Parkinson, Cameron Shepherd and Alfie Jennings stepped up to help Thatto make their numbers for the 2nd half.

Judes kicked off the second half with strong power runs from Ryley Flynn & Paddy Kelly. A tactical offload from Freddie Davies to Tommy Shaw saw Tommy perform another full pitch sprint to place the ball smack-bang between the sticks for his hat-trick of the game.
Try Tommy Shaw. Conversion made, Will Cobley. Thatto 0 – Judes 30.
The Thatto lads unable to break through Judes defence line with cracking tackles from Freddie Davies, Archie Unsworth and Cameron Riley. Will Cobley hitting hard forcing a Thatto knock-on. Judes scrum and another outstanding play from the Judes lads, Will Cobley to Ryley Flynn, to Henlea Baynham, to Paddy Kelly, and back to Will Cobley before finding the hands of Alfie Webster powering through to complete Judes 6th try.
Try Alfie Webster. Conversion made, Will Cobley. Thatto 0 – Judes 36.
A show-stopping tackle from Connor Collier forced Thatto to lose the ball, quickly scooped up by Tommy Shaw sprinting yet another full-length for a textbook finish.
Try Tommy Shaw. Conversion made, Will Cobley. Thatto 0 – Judes 42.
Thatto pushed on against Judes unbreakable defence, but a small mistake took Thatto back to 1, inches from the whitewash. Thatto managing to just push through to score their first try before the full-time whistle.

Final Score Thatto 6 – Judes 42.

An outstanding performance from the Wigan St Judes lads!
Man of the Match: Alfie Jennings
Opposition Man of the Match: Tommy Shaw
Top Tackler: Will Cobley


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