Match Reports - 25th Sept-2nd Oct 2022

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Match Reports - 25th Sept-2nd Oct 2022 Match Reports - 25th Sept-2nd Oct 2022

Match Reports - 25th Sept-2nd Oct 2022

Wigan St Judes ARLFC – Match Reports
Thursday, 29 September 202215'sOrrell St JamesHome8-22St Judes hosted Orrell St James in an end of season friendly. Many changes and positional switches upset the rhythm for the home side who just weren't at the races today and were punished by a very good Orrell side full of confidence from a title winning season. St James were mu G the better side on the night and took a well deserved victory

Try scores for Judes
Harley Cavanagh
Bradley Birch

MOM Ethan Shelmerdine
Sunday, 2 October 202210's - GoldsAshton BearsHome34 - 18Wow! What a game. The defence and teamwork the children put in was absolutely outstanding.
The run ups, the passing, the result says it all.
It was a little tough at the beginning but we pulled back through after the 2nd half and ended with the result we wanted.

The plays and skills we have practiced in training sessions really payed off and could be seen all throughout the match.
Massive TEAM effort from each & every player.
Captain - Ronnie Baynham
Try scorers - Rhys Hilton, Jacob Daven, Kenzie Phillips, Owen Collier, Jaxon Gore.
Conversions - Rhys Hilton, Isaac Atherton, Dalton Jones, Kenzie Phillips, Luis Atkinson.
Player of the Match - Kenzie Phillips
Best Effort - Jacob Daven.
Parent's Player - Dalton Jones.
Opposition Player of the Match - Jaxon Gore.
Sunday, 2 October 202211's - MaroonslatchfordAway32-4judes travelled across to latchford this morning were judes put on a great performance from start to finish going 18-4 at halftime then it was all one way with outstanding well worked tries today and every player giving 100% with a great team effort


tries today

deacon x2
birkett x1
wiswell x2
selby x1

Sunday, 2 October 202212'sOrrell St JamesAway14-4Very even competitive game played by both sides
Try scores

Layton Dewhurst
Sunday, 2 October 202216'sWigan St Patricks u16sHome16 - 12The old foe! St Pats were back and looking to avenge their loss to us in the NWC Cup last week.
The Golds were missing a few key players and drafted in Nathan Stafford and Alfie Tate from our u15s to make the numbers up. Missing Nathan Lowe, Taylor Kerr and Ethan Roberts was a huge blow but spirits were still high for Derby Day!

Our boys did not disappoint and dominated the majority of the match from start to finish. The scoreline would imply a close affair but in reality our boys went behind early then stayed infront for the entire match, just letting Pats slip over at the death to bring the scoreline a little closer.

Pats scored first following multiple penalties walking them upfield.
Rohan then opened our scoring making a superb break from dummy half and stepping the Pats full back.
A superb early kick from Oliver Wright and a determined chase down by Centre George O’loughlin put Judes in for their second.
Our final try scored by u15s, Nathan Stafford, a lovely scurry from 20 yards out saw him crash over for a well deserved try.

A tiring line slipped up at the death to allow Pats to sneak under the sticks but it wasn't enough to take the spoils.

Our u15s ran like absolute champs and mixed in well with our Judes Golds.
The pack were dominant and fiesty, we had sin bins for three, a bit of handbags and even a Pats coach in the bin...All the makings of a wonderful derby game!

Both teams ran hard and worked from start to finish but today St Judes just had that edge to take the win.
Their final game against the noisy neighbours went our way!

MOM was Rohan Green for his fantastic scurries, making so many yards.
Sunday, 2 October 202218'sBlackbrook BluesAway16-0What a day to remember as Judes faced top of the league Blackbrook Blues in the Lancashire Cup Final. Judes put in a confident and dominant performance from the starting whistle and were rock solid for the full 70 minutes.

Straight out the blocks Judes were focused defensively, putting in some big hits and stamping their authority on the game. Judes could have easily been a couple of tries up in the opening exchanges only for a final pass going to ground and a good defensive read from Blackbrook. Our opponents were caught offside, giving Judes their first opportunity for points with Roman stepping up and slotting over the penalty. A knock-on from Blackbrook gifts us the ball and Brook darts for the line, but is stopped just short. The ball is played quickly and shifted out to our left edge for Brogan to put Daniel in at the corner for our first 4 pointer. A double penalty and 6 again saw Judes battering the Blackbrook line and it wasn’t long before Daniel is over again, which was unfortunately chalked off for a dubious forward pass. A good defensive stint by Troy who man-handled 3 Blackbrook players, contained Blackbrook in their own half and forced the turnover. Every Judes player returned the ball well today, making impressive metres with every carry. We were soon camped on their line and a no look pass from Callum S went to ground, but paid off when the Blackbrook player tried to gather it in and knocked-on, giving us the scrum feed 10m out. Brook comes round the back for a good run in, unfortunately losing his footing and had to take the tackle, the ball played quickly to Brogan, who was looking to put his winger in, instead he shows great strength to dive over and score himself. A couple more completed sets for both sides, saw Judes go in at the half with a strong 10-0 lead.

Although Judes were winning, it was vital we kept the intensity up in this half. A strong run in from Kenzie saw him win a penalty for a high shot, unfortunately we surrendered the ball in the next play with a forward pass. Blackbrook sprung into action, although they couldn’t break through our solid defence, they did enough to force a drop out. Our defence again holds firm and Judes repay the favour after a good kick from Callum, took a wicked bounce, with the Blackbrook player forced to knock it dead. Blackbrook defence was equally up to the task though as when Cal P gets on one of his barnstorming runs, there’s no stopping him from close range, but was held just short today. Three penalties on the bounce from Judes marched our opponents down field and tested our metal on our goal line. As in our last few appearances, our goal line defence today was second to none, nothing could penetrate it. Logan showed great strength as the last defender on our right edge, stopped everything in his path to deny Blackbrook going over in the corner. Judes had done so much defending this half so far and the pressure wasn’t relenting, Blackbrook were hunting for a score, by quickly shifting the ball, but superb scrambling defence from Judes saw Logan get his hand to the ball and stop a definite try. This kept the pressure on Judes though defensively and Blackbrook try their luck on the opposite edge, this time a hand from Daniel denies Blackbrook, but again leaves them battering our line. After relentless pressure they look to go over in the corner, but somehow we hold them out and they fumble trying to get the ball over the whitewash. Judes knock-on bringing the ball away from their line, inviting our opponents straight back in the danger zone, they couldn’t get past Logan, so switched again to their right edge, a great intercept by Daniel saw him speed off to half way to everyone’s relief. Callum S put in a tricky kick that forced the defender to gather on the side line and our lads were on him like a shot pushing him over the line for a Judes restart on the 10. This was the perfect opportunity to put the game to bed with 8 or so minutes left on the clock and a quick ball out to Callum put Brogan through the gap showing great speed to score his second of the game. Judes just had to shut up shop now and play out the remaining minutes. Callum S showed his great game management today and knows exactly what to do to run down that clock. Kicking to touch saw Blackbrook run it back, but Judes force the knock-on. A great drive from Tom sees him win a penalty for a high shot, again within kicking range for Roman to tee up and slot it over to extend our lead to 16. Blackbrook try the short kick off, but Brogan is switched on and plucks it out the air superbly. A great grubber by Frosty is returned by Blackbrook with our lads finishing the game in superb defensive fashion forcing the player into touch. With the whistle finally going for full time, we can all breath again and celebrate a huge 16-0 victory.

Man of the Match, awarded by NWC committee, went to Logan Johnson, for his outstanding defensive performance. Logan brought all his strength and experience to the game, nothing got past him today. A very worthy man of the match, Well Done Logan (SF).

Such a huge game for the lads today, they didn’t disappoint with what was the performance of the season. Every single lad from 1-18 was outstanding, they put their bodies on the line, played for each other, ran hard and defended as though their lives depended on it. They say defence wins games and the nil score-line in a Cup Final says it all really. What a team they are, they made everyone of us and their Club immensely proud. Congratulations lads you so deserve to be Lancashire Cup Champions 2022!!!
Sunday, 2 October 20227'sInce Rose BridgeAway52 - 56It’s was a cold, windy day at Rose Bridge today were we had 2 games going on. 2 teams went out to try their best against this difficult team.

They and all had pep talks from the coaches and we’re ready to go.

It was difficult game but Oliver managed to bag him some excellent yards on the field and get 5 tries for the team. What a star he was today. George U also making them yards on the field and getting us over twice. The tackling from both teams was absolutely outstanding and you can really see that the passion in the Team as they defend their try lines. Moving out together in a great strong line and holding them back several times.

The boys are getting so much stronger now and Joseph made some excellent runs before unfortunately being tackled and kept from going over the line.

Harry S well this boy is like a bull to a red cloth he knows what he wants and that’s to score a try for his team. He does an amazing job and goes over a few times for his team.

Finley P this boy is a machine these days and the strength he has is excellent and to see his confidence through the game is so great to see.

Daniel G is one of our great players who tries so hard every week. His tackles are great and when he gets the ball he tries so hard to run it in.

Joe what a treasure he is he’s the smallest player in our team but he goes out week after week and plays his part and even after being tackled quite hard he gets back up and goes back out. Offered the chance to have a minute and choose to stay out there defending his try line.

Riley is one of the newest team members and he’s doing just fantastic trying so hard against one of the toughest teams in the league.

Henry also quite new and doing an excellent job at Rugby channeling his anger and frustrations into playing a great game of rugby.

On the other team we had Patrick who’s doing such a great job holding in confidence week after week, Zachary who’s doing a great job and really trying so hard with the game. Frankie is also one of our newest team members and he’s also doing a fantastic job and fitted right into our team. Theo J well he’s just like a little machine when he gets going and gosh can this lad run and defend exceptionally well. Lenny also excellent in his defence game and has the perfect technique “Go for the legs Lenny” and by gosh does he every time. Leo H is a great little player and it’s so nice to see him in the team when he sets off running he’s so quick and got a great side step on. Dylan J it’s fantastic to see your defending coming so well and your confidence. him. Christian D is an excellent little fire rocket and his strength in the game is fantastic. He plays as part of the team and is great little assets for us. Today was a really rough game for our boys and they managed to keep them out a few times and took a few nasty knocks but they got up and carried on the game.

What an excellent day you all had and you can see the hard work coming on.


George U - Top tackler
Oliver S - Top tackler
Opp - Christian , Harry S
Parents - Oliver , Theo
Sunday, 2 October 20228'sCulceth eaglesAway5 -11Good performance really from our lads some really good defence the tries came from Joshua Davies,Isaac Birchall,Hogarth Ward,Harrison Cartwright,Joe Haughey awards went too parents mom Joe Haughey my mom Hogarth Ward and opp mom Joshua Davies
Sunday, 2 October 20229's - GoldsLeigh Miners RangersHomeX XWe welcomed Leigh Miners down to Judes for the first time today. Our match earlier this season was a close encounter in the earlier stages then opened up later on with both teams low on numbers. Today the teams had decent numbers and was another good match.

In the early stages of today’s game we saw both teams taking advantage of space out wide to grab some good tries. As the match progressed the well drilled Leigh team played some good rugby through the middle and out wide to press home their advantage.

Judes stuck to the task really well and kept their heads up, not giving in when Leigh made breaks through the line, with us trying to save tries. We continued to try and play some good rugby in an effort to get over the line right up to the final whistle.

Players of the match

Adam – Jacob for 100% effort throughout the match, busting a gut to try and save tries and some solid efforts with the ball moving forward.

Chris – Zaine for a strong performance despite feeling under the weather. Making great runs and strong defensive efforts.

David – Finley for a brave performance, not taking a back step in defence or attack and good communication on the pitch.

Michael – Elliot for another good game after making great efforts in his first few months in rugby.

Opposition – Sam for some great efforts trying to bring other players in to the play and good tackles.
Sunday, 2 October 20229's - MaroonsGolborne ParksideHome8-11Always going to be a tough game after the last game but the team dug in and the effort could not be faulted. Everything went against the team front the first whistle and we hung on in there right to the end, we did the club proud and can have their heads held high. MOM went to Isaac for a gutsy performance to keep going despite getting hurt he put his hand up for his team. Tries went to Jacob x6 Stanley x2. Onto next week with a tough test against Westhoughton.
Sunday, 2 October 2022NewbeesOrrell St JamesHomeX-XJudes newbies season continued with two fixtures against Orrell at the meadow. The whole squad was outstanding, putting on their best performance so far. On the back of great defence Judes scores from across the two matches came from:

Owen Foster, Charlie Duggan, Christopher Burns, Jack Hastings, Thomas Ward, & Zac Skellon.

Cooper Wardman, Thomas Smith, Harry Gibson, Charlie Pendlebury & Joey Pendlebury.

Trophies this week went to:
Player of the match - Charlie Pendlebury /Charlie Duggan
Coaches Award - Reece Houghton/Logan Sheridan
Top Tackler - Archie Bennett/Thomas Smith.

Special mention to Louis Cavanagh and Reece Houghton who both made their debuts for Judes over the past couple of weeks.


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