Codes Of Conduct


All coaches, within the Wigan St Judes Rugby League Football Club is made up from a total voluntary structure with our own constitution, from which all involved has a responsibility too.

This code has been written to remind or inform all of the responsibilities and the minimum standards of behaviour commensurate with fulfilling them. Each season every active party will be called upon to warrant that they have read, understood and intend to abide by this code.


1) Rugby is only apart of players lives. Recognise this and allow for it in your demands on them

2) Treat games against other clubs as lessons, opportunities to learn, not as a test.

3) Rugby is for everyone, the Judes is for everyone. Don't rely on STAR players and never make any player feel like a spare part. Share game time and your time in practice sessions.

4) Never ridicule any player. Never belittle any player. Always make a player feel valued.

5) Find out what makes each player tick. Know about their family background and their other interest. Be able to spot and then explain changes in their behaviour.

6) Find out the facts about child development and the physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities of the age group you work with.


7) Rugby is a dangerous game which relies on every participant playing in the spirit of mutual respect. Teach the players you work with meaning of fair play and set them a good example.

8) Rugby works best when both sides are evenly matched. Insist on mixing and matching against ill matched teams.

9) Learn the laws and learn to referee correctly with no byesism.

10) Teach players, by your own example to respect the referees ALWAYS.


11) When you can call your self a coach you apply to join an elite; when others call you a coach you have achieved membership. You owe it to your self and to all other coaches to behave as a coach:

A) Always look like a coach, always act like a coach.

B) Start on time and finish on time.

C) Plan your seasons.

D) Do not drink alcohol before you work or while you are working with children.

E) Do not smoke while working with children

F) Do not use abusive language.

12) To be a good coach, you need up to date information on coaching issues and rugby issues Stay in Touch.

13) You are responsible for the safety of the players you work with:

A) Mark out a safe work area and keep it safe, Make sure equipment is in good condition.

B) Never join in with contact drills and games. You are too big and too hard and you will hurt them.

C) Do not encourage or allow players to play on injuries.

D) Do not let players play out of their age groups

E) Ensure every player is registered before training and playing.

14) Do not put your self in a position where you could be suspected of or accused of, physical or sexual abuse of any child associated with the club. Use separate changing rooms from players, never be alone with individuals behind closed doors and never shower with boys or girls.

15) Tell players and keep telling your self that winning and loosing are only by products of performance. We are there to play and to ENJOY playing, nothing more.