Match Reports - 25th-26th June 2022

28 Jun 2022 in Club News

Match Reports - 25th-26th  June 2022 Match Reports - 25th-26th June 2022

Match Reports - 25th-26th  June 2022

Wigan St Judes ARLFC – Match Reports
Saturday, 25 June 2022MastersNorth Wales/ CastlefordHome0-0Judes masters hosted a mini festival between Judes, North Wales and Castleford Masters
The weather was great apart from a bit of gusty winds. Nevertheless some great rugby was in show
Judes tries on the day came from Steve Makinson (4), Carl Ford (2), Chris Cobley (2), Matt Leigh, Paul McCormick, Shaun Hilton, Terry Porter, Jon Baldwin, Chris Hilton and Lee Lucas

Special mention to Steve Makinson, Simon Owens and Chris Cobley who all made their 75th appearance for Judes Masters and Adrian Baxter and Ian Fitzhenry who both made their 25th appearance for Judes Masters
Sunday, 26 June 202215'sWest BankAway10-18Today Judes travelled to their arch rivals West Bank . Judes were looking for payback and knew nothing but a win would do , sadly that wasn't to be .
The 1st half started hard for Judes with the kick going out forcing Judes to Drop out under the sticks and few errors following saw West Bank over for their 1st try. Judes weren't down and out by any means but were finding it difficult to cross the line .
Judes were good in defence but caused themselves issues at times with a few silly penalties for ball steals and offsides but all in all West Bank took the win 18 v 10 .
They gave M.O.M to Alfie Tate
Our M.O.M went to Ethan
Tries scored by Nathan Holland and Kian Stanton
Kicks 1 by Jaiden Drachenberg
Judes have a bit of a hill to climb from here on in and need to take some wins going forward , they can definitely do it 100%
Sunday, 26 June 202218'sBlackbrook RoyalsAway10-30We headed over to a very windy Blackbrook for today’s match, which has been a long time coming, with no game time for over a month! Judes started the match with a knock-on, surrendering possession and Blackbrook punished us with a score. Judes did hit back with a great set move with Calum Palmer running a strong line to score at the side of the sticks, converted by our Man of the Match today Roman Shinks. Judes were soon on the attack again and were setting up in Blackbrook’s half, Judes showed good shape heading for the line and a superb cut out ball by Cal S, went perfectly into Daniel Walsh’s hands who squoze in the corner to score a try he’d waited weeks for, after suffering a hamstring injury, great to see him getting back on the score-sheet. Walshy was back to his best being asked to chase numerous early kicks down the wing, unfortunately today’s elements were against us and although Walshy showed his speed to get to the balls first, the wind took the ball into touch.

Judes go toe to toe for the rest of the half, both teams attacking but neither being able to break the line. Kenzie did cop a crack in the face after a great break, but nothing forthcoming from the ref. Blackbrook were awarded a penalty in the dying seconds of the half, went for a goal but thankfully missed, meaning it was all square 10 a piece at half time.

Judes came out second half and start exactly the same with an early knock-on. Back to back penalties marched Blackbrook up the pitch. Judes had started with some aggressive defence, but when Blackbrook attacked our line, a gap a mile wide opened and an overhead pass from Blackbrook meant they coasted in to score. From there the game started to go down-hill, Scott did deny Blackbrook another quick score with great defence on the wing forcing the player to knock-on before grounding. It only delayed the inevitable, and some poor defence from Judes let in 2 more tries for Blackbrook and the game started to ebb away from us. Judes did try some trickery with short kick-offs, which did work, one taken brilliantly by Brogan, who made great yards, but we blew our chance close to Blackbrook’s line with a knock-on. Second one Cal S showed good individual skill, kicked low out of the wind and regathered himself, this gave us the momentum needed and Brogan was almost over, but good Blackbrook defence denied us. The play went from one end to the other and saw Blackbrook finish the game with a final try and good conversion from touch, ending the game with our biggest loss of the season 30-10.

Not sure what to make of today’s game, we held our own in the first half and the 2 tries we scored showed great movement. We were very much in the game at half time, but Blackbrook out-played us second half and took full advantage of some slack defence, leaking 20 points without response. The lack of game time didn’t help, as cohesion is lost on the pitch and we were definitely rusty in parts, if we’d built on the first half like I know we can, it would have been far more competitive. The coach summed it up perfectly, if you ain’t gonna show shape, you’re not going to score points! We know were better than today’s score reflects, let’s get back on the bike lads and go again next week!! Big shout out to Logan J, normally our hooker, was thrown in late at fullback today and did us proud!
Sunday, 26 June 20227'sSt Cuthbert’sHome48-48It was a cold windy day on the pitch at St Judes. All the parents were stood there awaiting the game. The boys were warming up with coaches Craig, Lee, Ella, Brodie and Tommy. It was the hardest decision of the game first who was tackling first. And the only way to determine that was of course a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Captain Daniel started this and he choose to start with the ball. Theo was number 1 and boy can this lad run when he’s little legs start going they go like a whippet. And off he goes up the pitch and nearly does the full length. Bobby does another super run and offloads to Theo and he was so close to a try. Elliott runs up and it’s Finley’s turn and he goes over.
Josh does an excellent run as per usual.
The boys work exceptionally hard to keep the Cuthbert’s out and they manage to for now. Jaxon runs up the ball up and then George managed to get the ball over. It’s our turn to defend and we try our best but Cuthbert’s get one in. Oliver’s turn to run the ball and he gets us up a short part of the pitch. George runs us a bit further them over To Joseph and Christian gets us so close to another try but he’s just held up. Harry does his best to get another try. Jaxons turn to run he offloads to Harry and he goes over. George starts the ball moving he gets caught it goes to Oliver then to he offloads to Zach and Zach offloads to Harry and he manages to get over. This was a heart wrenching moment for the Jude’s boys and the supportive play was exceptional from them all. Zachary’s run now and he’s caught. Joseph’s run and he tries his best to get past them with a little side step taught by his Daddy but he’s caught. George gets another try for us. Back too defence for us and the boys do a great job and they try their best to keep them out. Unfortunately they can’t quite do it for the time being. Judes are back again and they are doing some excellent tackles all the training that we do week in week out pays off. Our turn with the ball now and wow can these boys run well. Henry does a super run with an offload coming from Bobby. Patrick does a great ball with an offload to Theo and over he goes. Back to defence now for our Jude’s Henry and Patrick do some fantastic tackle. Cuthberts go over the line. Bobby starts us with the ball he tries his best and does 3 laps of the pitch before going forward and off he goes he’s caught by the Cuthberts and then It’s Theo’s turn to run and he tries so hard he offloads and Dylan’s gets it but then he’s caught by the Cuthberts again. Dylan starts the run this time and tries his best to go forward but met with the defence line of Cuthberts. Bobby plays the ball and off Carter goes in true Carter style he goes over the line. Back to defence now and we need to try hard to keep them away from the line. Henry does some super tackling this set. Where had this come from from the young lad who last week enjoyed a dance on the pitch now he’s channeling all his anger and excitement into tackles. Bobby’s turn to run now and he goes the full length of the field and tries super hard to go over. But the ball slips from his hands. It goes to Theo and he goes over the line in super Theo style. Back to defence we go and the boys do some great ya likes Lenny does a fantastic tackles. Josh does some great tackles along with Jaxon and Elliott. Daniel is great with his tackles and keeps and eye on the ball and keeps them out. Daniel keeps his team in check and guides them were the gaps are. Elliot’s turn with the ball this time and he does nearly the full length of the pitch he’s caught. Lennys turns with the ball and he goes over.

The parents shout with excitement and they cheer all the lads on. Well done Judes what a game.

Henry Opposition and top tackler
Joseph top tackler
Parents Jaxon , Daniel


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