Match Reports - 13th - 17th September 2023

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Match Reports - 13th - 17th September 2023 Match Reports - 13th - 17th September 2023

Match Reports - 13th - 17th September 2023

Wigan St Judes ARLFC – Match Reports
Wednesday, 13 September 202313'sWesthoughtonAway38-6Following the dramatic cup final win on Sunday, St Jude's tonight took on Westhoughton away from home. With the temperature significantly dropping this evening and many parents on the sidelines feeling the cold and realising that their incubator period of summer is now seemingly over the Jude's lads started the game well enough with a slick passing move from left to right allowed Dylan Donnelly to score out wide. The remainder of the half it was evident that the efforts from Sunday's game were evident, the lads looking lethargic and struggled to hold their composure and as a result conceded a well worked try by Westhoughton to make the score 6-4 to them. Credit to Jude's as much as they struggled in attack they resisted an onslaught of attacking from Westhoughton to keep them within touching distance at half-time.

During half-time the Jude's coaches earned their stripes as the lads came out looking like a different team, slick passing, aggressive running and a lot of cohesion in both attack and defence. The early breakthrough came from Ethan Spence who in the second half of the season has really set the standard and showed all of his guile by crafting his way through the Westhoughton line to go 60 metres and under the sticks to score, Alfie English made the score 10-6.

Shortly after Alfie English scored his own solo try carving his way through the defence to go the length of the pitch and convert his own try 16-6.

With the Jude's lads seemingly in full swing they scored again, marching the length of the field in a full set of six, Liam Cartwright scoring the try. Alfie English adding the extras 22-6

Liam Cartwright was again on the scoresheet using his strength to burst over the try line and score. Alfie English added the extras to make the score 28-6.

Jamie Gaskell was starting g to have influence on the game and got his reward by scoring a try from broken play using his devastating elusiveness to evade defenders. Liam Cartwright added the extras to make it 34-6.

The final try of the game came from some fine passing and dummy running to allow Michael Sedgewick to score in the corner.

Particular praise needs to go to the Jude's bench tonight as they were undoubtedly the difference, raising the performance levels within the team. Georgie Porter,Isaac Wright, Alfie Hesketh, Kyle Collier, Liam Cartwright and Ellis Ramsdale take a bow lads.
Thursday, 14 September 202310's - GoldsThatto Heath CrusadersHome-We welcomed Thatto Heath down to the Meadow for our first match against them, following recent group changes.

Judes started with a kick off, the resulting kick forced a knock on from the opposition and a turnover. Judes pressed in attack but couldn’t make a break through.

What followed can only be described as an excellent advert for high level junior rugby with both teams going set for set, pressing each other all over the pitch but neither side could force a breakthrough due to the commitment to defence and low error rate from both teams. Probably the best half of rugby we’ve seen this season.

The job for the second half was simple, more of the same!

The game continued in the same fashion during the second half. A loose ball from Judes led to a turnover to Thatto, with the resulting set forcing the first try of the game, which was converted.

We continued working away to make a breakthrough but couldn’t make our way through a resilient defence.

Later on in the game Thatto got another score, which was also converted. The match drew to a close after a thrilling encounter for parents and coaches alike to observe.

The Thatto coach took time to give credit to our kids and say that we were the hardest team they’ve ever faced and they’ve never been pushed as hard. It’s not the first time that’s been said about our kids, which shows how far they’ve progressed as a team this season.

It was a privilege as a coach to see that performance. Massive credit to every child for their effort and endeavour.

Players of the match
Coaches - Jacob
Opposition - Sam

Up the Judes!
Saturday, 16 September 20231st TeamWoolstonAway18-20Great effort and commitment from the lads but the 1st team just lost out 20-18 in the playoffs away to woolston ,with Jude’s piling on the pressure in the last 15 minutes woolston just managed to hang on , sadly the clock beat us this time unfortunately
Try scorers for Jude’s
Lewis melling 1
Danny Cassidy 1
Dante Morley samuels 1
3 goals from Danny Cassidy
Most meters
Reece Stanton 120
Conner Parkinson 110
Aaron smith 110
Top Tackles
Kieran rennox 33
Reece Stanton 28
Joey Brady 28
Ncl player of the match Joey Brady
Thanks to All the openage players and the young men from the 18s for there efforts and contributions to a great season
Big Thanks to Head coachDave Myerscough , and all the openage / 18s coaches Simon , Paul, Matt ,Darren, Andy , first aider Mick for a great season
Also the 2 hardworking lads Andy and Owen melling who make sure the team get everything they need match days
Not forgetting Jane and all the staff
If I’ve missed anyone apologies
Alan and the Committee

Sunday, 17 September 202310's - MaroonsFitton Hill BulldogsAway-We headed over to Oldham this morning where players from both the Maroons and Golds did Judes proud.

Judes kicked off and after a couple of knock ons from both teams Judes won the ball back after tackling the Bulldogs in touch. Following the scrum Jay broke through every Bulldog and raced up the pitch being tackled only 10m short of the try line. Sam sent a long ball to Phoebe who went over for the first try of the match. Conversion missed.

Bulldogs came back strong but Judes forced a knock on the 30m line. Sam made some great yards, followed by Jay showing his pace again, taking the ball from half way to score the second try. Try converted.

Bulldogs never gave up and pressured Judes up the field, Judes showed great defensive efforts and Oscar held the tackle up to prevent a Bulldogs try.

Judes knocked on but quickly gained back control with another tackle in touch. Jack made good yards up the pitch before Judes lost the ball resulting in added pressure from the Bulldogs leading them to their first try, which was converted.

Brilliant pressure from Judes kept the Bulldogs in their own half before Rylan added to Judes lead with a try and conversion.

Jay showed excellent defensive skills as he gave chase and tackled a Bulldog, saving a try.
Right before the half time whistle Jack dodged and dived, crossing the line for Judes. Try converted.

The second half was the same show of determination from both teams, with some great carries and excellent defensive efforts. Oscar was tackled just short of the try line and the Bulldogs returned up field but was again chased down by the Judes defence. Jay did another full length run getting Judes metres from the try line leading to Oscar scoring his first of the match. Try converted.
Bulldogs remained strong and continued with the pressure resulting in them scoring and converting 2 tries in succession.

A second try from Oscar sealed the win for the Judes today, which was converted.

Well done everyone

Opposition POM - Sam

Player of the match today was Zak for taking the ball in with some strong carries.

All the kids looked like they enjoyed there rugby today and that’s what our aim is 👍🏻
Sunday, 17 September 202312's - GoldsNewton StormAway16-8Sunday 17th September.
Newton Storm v Judes U12’s Golds.

Newton Kick off the game, ball received by Freddie Davies who charged forwards. Only a minute in and the ball finds the hands of Tommy Shaw who broke through running the full field length to score Judes first try between the sticks.
Try Tommy Shaw, conversion Will Cobley, Newton 0 - Judes 6.
Newton unable to break through Judes defence saw the ball back in Judes hands. Kick received by Declan Haskayne who began our push forwards. Thomas Atherton charged on followed by Freddie Davies. Archie Unsworth broke through, weaving and dodging starting an unstoppable momentum for Judes to push forwards on to Ryley Flynn then Tommy Shaw for a beautiful finish completing his 2nd try of the game. A great display of rugby from the Judes team.
Try Tommy Shaw, Newton 0 - Judes 10.
Judes continued their strong defence forcing Newton to knock on. New set began with Ollie Caddick pushing Judes forward, Archie Unsworth again adding to the momentum with fantastic speed taking Judes over half way. Judes strength continuing to Thomas Atherton, then finding Ryley Flynn who powered on to complete Judes 3rd Try of the game right between the sticks.
Try Ryley Flynn, conversion Will Cobley,
Newton 0 - Judes 16. Half time.
Second half kicked off from Judes Will Cobley forced an immediate mistake from Newton Storm.
Strong defence from both sides kept the score down for most of the 2nd half until Newton slipped through to the top corner for their 1st try of the game. No conversion.
Newton 4 - Judes 16.
New set, ball received by Declan Haskayne, pushed forward by Ryley Flynn, continued by a strong run from Spencer Parkinson and another by Cameron Riley, Judes just unable to get over the white wash this time. Strong tackles made by Cameron Shepherd as the Judes lads kept a good defensive line, but again Newton slipped back in to the top corner for their 2nd try. No conversation.
Newton 8 - Judes 16.
Alfie Webster received the ball and pushed on, followed by a charging run from Freddie Davies then onto Tommy Shaw who flung Newton off left and right. Alfie Jennings charged forwards... Judes last tackle of the set saw Ryley Flynn chase and flatten Newton in their tracks. Strong pressure put on Newton by the Judes lads. Into our last set saw Tommy Shaw charging forwards again and a strong run by Paddy Kelly getting close to the white wash as the full time whistle was blown.
Full time score, Newton 8 - Judes 16.
Judes MOM - Archie Unsworth
Opposition MOM - Archie Unsworth
Tip Tackler - Ryley Flynn
Sunday, 17 September 202313'sChorley PanthersHome14-16Unfortunately for St Judes the results this season aren't estimated by extrapolation, after what can only be described as fixture overload having played three games in seven days due to their achievement in winning the NWC Shield. Judes started off well enough taking the lead through Wiktor Pieda after the ball was spread from right to left to allow Wiktor to force his way over the line, 4-0.

Judes seemed to be lacking their usual energy and allowed Chorley back into game after a poor kick chase allowed Chorley to go the length of the pitch to score, 4-6.

Judes regathered and by sheer determination crossed the line again after a fine run by Dylan Donnelly allowed Alfie English to pass to Wiktor Pieda to score again in the left hand corner, 8-6.

Following the restart of the second half, judes continued to find any fluidity to there play but found themselves in good field position which allowed Ellis Ramsdale to barge over from dummy half, Alfie English converted 14-6.

Judes now seemingly had a bit of breathing space but all credit to Chorley, they refused to lie down and played very directly and got there reward with a try. 14-10.

Some more good play by Chorley got them in good field position and following an error by St Judes Chorley once again crossed the line to score and take the lead 14-16.

With time running out Judes threw caution to the wind and thought they'd got the winner on the final whistle only for the ref to judge a knock on in the act of scoring.

Congratulations to Chorley today as the winning run came to an end for St Jude's but these lads can hold their heads high for what they have achieved and strive to achieve this season,19 games unbeaten including a cup final win, is not achieved easily, this result is a mere bump in the road and we all have no doubt that they will become stronger for it.


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